• With the Brake Caliper Lacquer you give your vehicle a very individual and sporty look.
  • It permanently seals and preserves the surface and is chemical, corrosion and oil resistant. It has along-lasting gloss and is easy to clean.
  • 7 pieces set
  • heat resistant
  • chemical, corrosion and oil resistant
  • easy and exact application with a paint brush
  • no need to dismantle any car parts
  • sufficient for 4 brake calipers


 The set includes:

  • Brake cleaner, 400 ml and 125 ml paint as well as 50 ml hardener
  • Steel brush, brush, spatula, 1 pair of disposable protective gloves


  • Remove wheels.
  • Clean the brake caliper using a steel brush and the included brake cleaner.
  • Mix the components in an empty can.
  • Mask off all the parts except the brake caliper and start painting with a paint brush.
  • After painting let dry the brake calipers, then put the wheel back in place, done.





How many brake calipers can I paint with one Brake Caliper Lacquer set?
⇒ One set is enough for four brake calipers or two brake calipers and two brake drums.

What do I need for the application?
⇒ You need one pair of gloves, a brush, a steel brush, and a stirring-stick.

How should I prepare the brake calipers for the painting?
⇒ Remove loose dirt particles or rust with a steel brush and decrease the brake calipers with the enclosed brake caliper cleaner.

When is the painting dried?
⇒ After 2 hours the lacquer will be hardened enough to install your wheels again. The lacquer will be end-hardened approximate after five days.

Can I repaint the brake calipers?
⇒ Yes, of course! Scrape off the old paint, to get the best adhesion.

How robust is the lacquer?
⇒ The paint can take any mechanic, thermic and chemical strain which is caused by the daily use of a serial braking system.

How do I prepare the surface?
⇒ It has to be cleaned and free of oil, fat and silicones.


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